Moselle identity

Moselle, a land of encounters

The deep Vosges forests, sunny vineyard hillside in Moselle, and lake-sprinkled valleys in Amnéville-les-Thermes are only three of Moselle's appealing and surprising features.

It skirts Alsace, is a stone's throw from Germany and Luxembourg and has been a land of encounters in Lorrain since time immemorial. It is open and borderless, and welcomes guests with its unrivalled hallmark friendly touch - because people here welcome you with their heart.

It is unspoilt and open-handed, and brimming with an endless palette of landscapes, talent and traditions, making it the ideal place for a breath of fresh air, a break on the move, an opportunity to contemplate and an experience to savour.


In and around Metz

Metz is Pays Messin's crown jewel and teeming with 3,000 years of history, and Amnéville valley is leisure-seeker paradise. Together, they add up to an extraordinary experience away from it all in Moselle.

Forbach - Saint-Avold area

An first-hand experience of the mining universe that kept this entire region alive last century, in Pays de Forbach - Saint-Avold, in Moselle.

Sarrebourg - Château-Salins area

The forests, lakes and pink sandstone massifs skirting Alsace, in Pays de Sarrebourg - Château-Salins, provide the perfect backdrop for a great holiday in Moselle.