Unusual accommodation

  • Sleeping under a different sky

    Make the most of your holiday or weekend break in Moselle staying in a totally different place you have never tried before.

    At Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix, France's largest European wildlife park, you can enjoy a memorable experience like nothing you have seen yet. You can fall asleep listening to wolves howling in the distance in cabins perched on tree tops, experience a safari in the Lodges, step into a yurt straight from the Mongol steppes and more - and even try a tête-à-tête with wolves in a hobbit den!

    And why not try a break in a caravan or yurt in Pays de Bitche or a comely cottage in the Center Parc in Domaine des Trois Forêts? Or, if you have a romantic weekend in mind, sleep in style in one of the exclusive guestrooms at Château de Wendel.

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