Capital of the Lorraine region, situated in the heart of Europe, Metz – with its 3,000 years of history – is a fortified town with a population of 430,000. The town boasts an exceptional quality of life thanks to 40 square metres of green space per inhabitant.

A stroll through the historic centre of the town soon becomes a journey through time. From the Gallo-Roman era to the present day, the centuries and the Jaumont limestone have made their lasting impression on the heritage: with its ancient thermal spas and medieval legacy at the Musées de la Cour d’Or; the cathedral known as the ‘Good Lord’s Lantern’ which illuminates the city with its stained-glass windows designed by Chagall; the medieval and renaissance buildings; elegant squares and residences from the 18th century; the encyclopaedia of architecture in the Imperial Quarter with its remarkable Guillaume II train station, Metz is a patchwork of styles, materials and colours. Take a guided tour with Metz Tourism Office.

The Centre Pompidou-Metz, dedicated to modern and contemporary art in all its forms, opened in the Quartier de l’Amphithéâtre in 2010.