Visit suggestions

A week around Sarrebourg

The region between the Northern Vosges and the lakes, offers green holidays, floral towns, great open spaces and cultural discoveries: crystalworks and potteries.

4 days in the Bitche country

The Sarreguemines - Bitche area : ubiquitous nature, glass handicrafts – Saint Louis, Meisenthal – and earthenware, a land of history – the citadel of Bitche, the archaeological site at Bliesbruck.

A weekend in the leisure valley

The pleasures of the Thermal Spa and Tourist Centre in Amneville-les-Thermes: indoor ski slope, zoo and aquarium, Saint-Eloy thermal spa, Thermapolis, casino, Walygator...

A long weekend in Metz

Metz, a town with 3,000 years of history, whose rich heritage is astounding. It is also a market and gastronomic town, perfect for a weekend.