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Tourist site around the theme of Military interest in VECKRING, classified in the list of historic monuments

With its 19 infantry and artillery blocks, and 10 km of tunnels, Hackenberg Fortification is the largest fortification along the Maginot Line. Visitors can discover the original installations and infrastructure in perfect working order, an electrical plant and generators which are still operational, rooms which have been renovated to their original conditions and an impressive military museum. With a guide, the visit takes place aboard a small-scale period train which transports visitors to the infantry and artillery blocks. The very imposing Block no. 9 and demonstration of its 163 tonne artillery tower will amaze. After visiting the top of this block, visitors will then be able to move on to Block no. 8 which still bears the marks of the intense fighting of 1944 between the German and US troops. This is a real journey back in time and into the history of one of the most formidable fortifications of the 20th Century which volunteers and employees of the AMIFORT Association will help you to discover. Hackenberg Fortification is one of the few military fortifications which has a marked pedestrian trail above it, thanks to the efforts of the Club vosgien, and which allows visitors to admire the tops of these 19 infantry and artillery blocks as well as the 800 metre long and 8 metre tall anti-tank wall, a unique particularity in Lorraine.
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From 01/01/2021 To 31/12/2021

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